10-Step Home Buying Process


Step 1: Meet with us. 

Step 2: Get pre-approved with a mortgage lender.

Get your Backstage VIP Pass to the MLS (Multiple Listing Services). Receive up to the minute new listings just like a real estate agent. This gives you a huge advantage over other buyers who don’t have this VIP treatment.  Receive homes for sale before anyone else!


Your Backstage VIP Pass to the MLS is specifically customized to your needs.

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VIP Backstage Pass to the MLS

  Step 3: Get set up on our VIP Home  Search. Step 4: Tour homes

Step 5: Make an offer and negotiate the terms

Step 6: Offer is accepted

Step 7: Home inspection and repair requests

Step 8: Home appraisal

Step 9: Loan Approval

Step 10: Closing Day and move into your new home

Let’s Get House Hunting

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